Order by the Rector of the Medical University – Sofia concerning the changed epidemiological situation


n connection with the changed epidemiological situation in the country, the Rector of the Medical University – Sofia issued today an order related to banning academic trips of the lecturers, administration and students in China, Italy, South Korea and Iran. The issuance of new travel orders for international and national academic trips is suspended, whether as a result of international mobility or funded by the University budget. The already issued orders of the academic staff and students will be canceled and / or their trips abroad will be postponed.
The order also states:- Medical University – Sofia continues to accept applications for the exams in biology and chemistry from the Students Campaign 2020 in accordance with the pre-announced schedule, subject to recommended anti-epidemiological measures, unless the circumstances, recommendations and / or prohibitions of the competent authorities require otherwise.- Suspending participation in mass events, winter courses, conferences, sports events of a scientific or other nature.- Recommending to its lecturers, administration staff and students who have recently traveled abroad and come from at-risk areas, or who are directed by state, other institutions or GPs to observe a 14-day quarantine.- All lecturers, administration staff and students who are absent due to illness and clinical symptoms associated with the influenza virus shall prove their absence with the relevant documents from the hospital or GP.- All units shall provide with personal protective equipment, disinfection materials and hygiene materials to be placed in appropriate locations. The persons responsible for hygiene should arrange disinfection of floors and surfaces in the buildings of Medical University – Sofia.- the lecturers, administration staff and the students of the Medical University – Sofia are obligated to familiarize themselves with the orders and recommendations of WHO, the Bulgarian Ministry of Health, the National Operations Headquarters, the RHI and all other competent bodies and organizations, and to comply with all anti-epidemiological measures and standards, as well as to use personal protective equipment.The Medical University – Sofia recall the recommendations of the health authorities:
Observe high personal hygiene – wash your hands regularly! Use wet wipes and alcohol-based disinfecting gels.
Avoid contact with sick people!
It is important the sick people to wear masks so that they do not infect others.
Avoid mass events and crowded places.
Do not stock up on food and medicine.
Seek information from competent authorities.Get detailed information on the Ministry of Health website;
The Ministry of Health has assigned rapid response teams and hotline numbers accessible around the clock to receive any notification or inquiries related to Coronavirus. The hotline number are as follows: 02 807 87 57