Order by the Rector on the organization of the educational and working process at the Medical University-Sofia

Order by the Rector No. RK – 36-437/16.03.2020

Pursuant to Art. 32, para 1, item 1 of the HEA, orders by the Minister of Health No RD 9104-27 / 25.02.2020, No RD 01-122 / 11.03.2020 and No RD 01-124 / 13.03.2020. , and in addition to a previous order by the Rector of MU-Sofia (No RK 36-395 / 09.03.2020)


  1. The suspension of the attendance to classes and practices of all trainees at the Medical University – Sofia should be extended up to 29.03.2020. In cases where postponements, announcements and scheduling cannot be postponed, such as exams, competitions for academic posts (juries) and defenses (non-public), they will be held after consultation with the management of the respective faculty, affiliate, college or department in securing and implementing of all necessary anti-epidemic measures recommended by the Ministry of Health, the National Operational Headquarters, the Metropolitan Regional Health Inspectorate (MRHI) and other competent authorities.
  2. For the period prior to the resumption of attendance, the course of studies should be conducted through the gradual introduction of e-training, distance-electronic, voice or written training, in accordance with the capabilities of each academic unit and the specifics of the individual non-clinical and clinical specialties, and subjects of the training curriculum of the trainees.
  3. The management of the respective faculty, affiliate, college or department must create the necessary organization for implementation and control, by preparing forms for registration and report on the distance learning activity carried out during the period – by students, postgraduates, doctoral students and teachers.
  4. The collection of the necessary documents for the award of scholarships under Decree 90/2000 for students for the summer semester should be organized in the units of the MU-Sofia electronically from 03.2020 to 27.03.2020 incl., providing opportunities for submission of scanned documents for income taxes etc. Keeping the deadline is desirable in order to timely prepare and pay the scholarships.
  5. To suspend the admission of the preliminary applicant documents for pre-student exams as of 16.03.2020.
  6. To cancel the preliminary examinations announced for 22.03.2020 and 04.04.2020, and in addition, after discussion with the Rector-Dean’s Council, to decide whether they will be postponed or finally canceled. In both cases, registration and fees will retain the rights of the applicant students if they wish to attend a postponed or regular session and additional information on the subject will be published on the University’s website in due time.
  7. I prolong the ban on business trips, internships and business trips of academic staff, administration and students for the period up to 31.03.2020, by recommending that plans for similar future travel, including those related to mobility projects, internships and research engagements in the country to be delayed and comply with the recommendations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the National Operational Headquarters and the health authorities.
  8. I recommend that foreign teachers, researchers, scientists and guests who are already in Bulgaria not to leave the country. The agreed mobility, internship or visit is terminated if a foreign teacher, scientist or guest leaves Bulgaria during his / her stay in the country.
  9. I recommend that all members of the academic staff, administration and students who have returned from abroad after 01.03.2020 be subject to voluntary 14-day self-quarantine at home.
  10. I continue to prohibit the suspension of all mass events, scientific congresses, conferences, sports and any other events for the period specified in the order, with the postponement of the planned events not earlier than the beginning of May 2020. In this connection, I support the proposal of the ICMS to postpone helding the XIX International Congress of Medical Sciences for Students and Young Professionals of Medical Students up to the end of September.
  11. During the term of the order, and in accordance with the order by the Minister of Health, the work of the student canteens in Sofia and Vratsa shall be terminated, as well as the visits of students and members of the academic staff at the Central Medical Library and other medical libraries to the respective units of the Medical University-Sofia.
  12. For the same period, I prohibit the access of external visitors to the study buildings and dormitories of MU-Sofia. I recommend that staff and students communicate with outsiders by telephone and / or electronic devices. In case of urgent need, outside persons should be admitted to the University buildings after the security officer has received a confirmation by telephone from the respective employee / teacher and after all necessary anti-epidemic measures have been implemented.
  13. I prohibit the admission of persons in quarantine or with symptoms of acute infectious and respiratory diseases in the study buildings, administration and hostels, as well as those coming from countries with high epidemiological risk, such as China, South Korea, Italy, Iran, Spain, France, Germany and others, as recommended by the MFA and the National Operational Headquarters.
  14. Access to the administration of the Rectorate, deans and other training and support structures should be restricted in compliance with all anti-epidemic measures and standards, as recommended by the MoH, the National Operations Headquarters, the MRHI and other competent authorities.
  15. To limit the attendance of the administration of the Medical University – Sofia. In this regard, the heads of the relevant faculty, affiliate, college or department should provide the minimum required of staff to maintain the unit’s operations, as well as the operation of computer and information systems and other activities whose terms cannot be changed. Employees who are not included in the schedule and / or belong to persons from a risky health or social group may perform their duties remotely, according to the organization of work proposed by the manager, as well as receive paid annual or unpaid leave.
  16. I propose that the Rector’s Dean’s Council allow the time in which all volunteers (students, postgraduates and PhD students) of Medical University – Sofia, participating in the campaign for limitation and care of patients suspected or infected by Covid-2019, should be considered as educational workload .
  17. I set a permanent time limit for the provision of personal protective equipment, disinfection materials and hygiene materials. The organization of disinfection and placement of these materials in appropriate places should be carried out by designated persons for each academic or other structure of the university.
  18. I oblige the academic staff, the administration and the students to stay informed about the orders and recommendations of the WHO, the Ministry of Health, the National Operations Headquarters, the MRHI and all other competent authorities and organizations, and to observe all anti-epidemic measures and standards, as well as to use personal protective equipment.
  19. If necessary, additional measures and decisions will be announced in a timely manner in the event of a change in the situation and recommendation of the competent authorities.

For timely information, check the website of Medical University – Sofia.