Order of the Rector for extension of the term of the online training and for completion of the Students Admission Campaign

ORDER № RK36-1568 / 30.06.2020

Pursuant to Art. 32, para. 1, item 1 of the Health Insurance Act, in connection with the state of emergency declared on 13 March 2020 by a Decision of the National Assembly (promulgated, SG No. 28 / 24.03.2020), due to the aggravated epidemiological situation related to the COVID-19 pandemic and extened term under Decision of the National Assembly as of 03.04.2020 (promulgated, SG No. 33 / 07.04.2020), Decision of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Bulgaria №378 of 12.06.2020 for the extension of the term of the announced by Decision №325 of 14.05.2020 extraordinary epidemic situation until 30.06.2020, Decision of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Bulgaria as of 24.06.2020 for the extension of the term of the extraordinary epidemic situation declared by Decision №325 of 14.05.2020 until 15.07.2020, as well as the measures introduced under Order of the Minister of Health № RD- 01-124 / 13.03.2020, amended and extended by Orders № RD 195 / 10.04.2020, № RD-01-189 / 09.04.2020, № RD-01-256 / 11.05.2020 № RD-01-268 / 15.05.2020, № RD-01-277 / 26.05.2020, Order № RD- 01-331 / 12.06.2020, Order № RD- 01-338 / 13.06.2020 , Order № RD- 01-337 / 13.06.2020, Order № RD- 01-347 / 19.06.2020, Order № RD- 01-353 / 22.06.2020, Order № RD- 01- 354 / 22.06 .2020 , Letter outg. №21 -00-268 / 08.06.2020 of the Minister of Health, letters № 9104-34 / 16.03.2020 № 0211-113 / 19.05.2020 of the Minister of Education and Science , Decisions of the meetings of the Extended Rectors’ and Deans’ Council of MU-Sofia, Protocol № 28 / from 17.03.2020, Protocol № 29 / from 10.04.2020 and Protocol № 30 / from 13.05.2020, as well as Decisions of the AC / Protocol 43 / 28.05.2020 in connection with the legislative changes introduced in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic, 


1.I amend Order № RK36-375 from 06.03.2020, amended and supplmented by Order № RKЗ6-З95 of 09.03.2020, Order № RKЗ6-4З7 of 16.03.20 20, Order № RKЗ6-466 of 26.03.2020, Order № RK36-526 of 15.04.2020, Order №RK36 -827 / 13.05.2020, suppl. by Order № RK36-883 of 05.15.2020, Order №RK36-1082 / 29.5.2020 on Order № PK-36-1396 / 15.06.2020, by extending until 01/08/2020 incl., the term of the online, distant learning in an electronic environment.

2.Deans and Directors of academic structures need to continue the implementation of the approved by the Academic Council (Protocol 43 / 28.05.2020) curricula for completion of the semester and academic year of students, undergraduate internships, by informing the students and teachers about the set of rules, manner and schedules under which the online training will take place, in compliance with all anti-epidemic measures, and in the lack of a ban by the health authorities or other competent authorities. Where it is impossible to study, practice and complete the school year in an electronic environment and / or the actual presence of students, graduates and trainees is urgent, Deans and Directors of academic structures are to create an organization for the strict compliance with the anti-epidemic measures in accordance with  with the letter and orders of the Minister of Health.

3.Regarding the candidate-student exams:

  • To conduct the candidate-student exams for Bulgarians in Bulgarian on the previously announced dates – 04.07.2020 in Biology and 12.07.202 0 in Chemistry.
  • The admission of the candidate-students on the examination day to be carried out at the latest by 8.00 am in the respective halls, defined in the updated list, and available on the website of MU-Sofia at the address: ksk /graphics /
  • The completion of the candidate-student exams should be carried out in compliance with all anti-epidemic measures, according to Order №RD-01-353 / 22.06.2020 of the Minister of Health and the orders of all other competent authorities and persons. Candidate students are required to be present with all pre-provided personal protective equipment such as masks (mandatory) and a helmet and / or gloves (optional).
  • Candidate students are admitted to the halls with an ID card and a printout for availability at the respective date of the exam.
  • On the first exam day (04.07.2020 – Biology) each candidate-student is obliged to present to the respective chief quaestor in the hall the following documents: a/ Pre-filled and signed application and competition card with the specified specialties, used by the candidate-student directory or downloaded from the site, at: ksk /grafik   and b/ a notarized copy of the diploma for completed secondary education.         

4.I prolong the ban on business trips, internships and business trips of academic staff, administration and students by extending the period until 01.08.2020 . I recommend that the planning of such future trips, including those related to mobility projects, internships and scientific commitments in the country and abroad, to be postponed and planned in accordance with the recommendations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the National Operational Headquarters and the health authorities.

5.All other orders, introduced by orders of the Rector of MU-Sofia, remain in force until 01.08.2020, incl. or until the expiration of the additionally indicated terms under these orders or the Decisions thereof (Protocols 28 and 29) of RRDS and AC (Protocol 43 / 28.05.2020).

6.If necessary, additional measures and decisions will be announced in due time in case of change of the situation and the recommendation of the competent authorities.