The Medical University – Sofia will render a prize fund of 20,000 BGN for the students with full honors. The money should be distributed to all faculties, Vratsa Branch and the Medical College, by Decision of the Academic Council. The honorees will receive their cash prizes thanks to the legacy from the university, bequeathed by Dr. Andrey Asenov Georgiev from the United States.

The amount that Dr. Georgiev bequeathed to the Medical University – Sofia amounts to $ 1,037,413. “The generous gesture of a Bulgarian expatriate is addressed to the young Bulgarian medics who have chosen to study at the University, where they will receive their diplomas”, said the Rector of MU-Sofia Prof. Dr. Victor Zlatkov. “This will is not only monetary but it is also a message that only through hard work, education and perseverance one can succeed in life”, added the Rector.

The Academic Council has also decided to give BGN 1,000 to students who have received awards for academic excellence in high-level forums held abroad or recognized by international organizations.

Part of the inheritance will be allocated as a prize fund of BGN 180,000 for the first three places in the conceptual design competition for the new Rectorate Office Building. One of the audiences in it will be named after the testator, Dr. Andrey Georgiev.

Dr. Andrey Georgiev was born in Sofia in 1921. In the early 1950s he immigrated to the United States. He gradually accumulated capital, much of which he bequeathed to the High school in Lom, the town’s municipality and the Medical University – Sofia. He is well known and respected family doctor with over 50 years of experience. He has been extremely humble and through his whole life he has helped young people learn and develop professionally.

Dr. Andrey Georgiev died at the age of 93 on April 22, 2014, in his home of Willington, Delaware.