Prof. Hadjidekov – about learning with love “during cholera”

I’m Lubo, a fourth-year student. In the last 2 weeks, the Department of Imaging Diagnostics at the University Hospital “Alexandrovska” conducted a useful online course. Prof. Hadjidekov was brave enough, responsible enough and courteous enough to organize the young lecturers in the Department and together they managed to engage us sincerely. To inspire us. To touch us. And we wrote to them. And after they answered us with the same wonderful almost childish enthusiasm with which they conducted their course, with my colleague Ivan, with the support of several brave girls from ASMB-Sofia and many other brave students, we wrote an article about them on our student website to thank them. He reached out to them and made them happy.
We achieved our goal.You can read the article

You can see the article HERE

We are proud of these lecturers (we began to feel a little proud of ourselves), we are also proud of all the students who got involved to express their opinion. In all the turmoil of the situation, all these people for a moment were again part of something great, from MU- Sofia. They were students, they were lecturers, they were kind and smiling at each other.
We hope the article will inspire other professors from other departments now, when there is the greatest need for it.