Pursuant to Art. 32, para. 1, item 1 of the Health Insurance Act, in connection with the State of Emergency declared on 13th March 2020 by a Decision of the National Assembly (promulgated, SG No. 28/24.03.2020), due to the aggravated epidemiological situation related to COVID-19 pandemic and the extension of its term by Decision of the National Assembly as of 03.04.2020 (promulgated, SG, No. 33/07.04.2020), and measures introduced by Order of the Minister of Health № RD-01-124/13.03.2020, amended and suppl. by Orders № RD 195/10.04.2020, № RD-01-189/09.04.2020, № RD-01-256/11.05.2020 № RD-01-268/15.05.2020, № RD-01-277/26.05.2020, letters № 9104-34/16.03.2020 № 0211-113/19.05.2020 of the Minister of Education and Science, Decisions from meetings of the Extended Rector’s and Dean’s Council of MU-Sofia with Protocol № 28/of 17.03.2020, Protocol № 29 / of 10.4.2020 and Protocol № 30 / of 05.13.2020 along with Decisions of the Academic Council / Protocol 43 / 28.05.2020, in relation with the legislative changes implemented due to COVID-19 pandemic


1. I amend Order № RK36-375 of 06.03.2020, amended and supplemented by Order № RКЗ6-З95 of 09.03.2020, Order № RКЗ6-4З7 of 16.03.2020, Order № RКЗ6-466 of 26.03.2020, Order № RК36-526 of 15.04.2020, Order №RК36-827/13.05.2020, supplemented by Order № RK36-883 of 15.05.2020 by extending until 15.06.2020 incl., the term of non-present distant learning in an electronic environment.       

2. Deans and Heads of academic structures must put into effect the approved by the Academic Council (Protocol 43/05.28.2020) curricula for the completion of the semester and academic year of the students , pre-graduate practice of graduates, by informing students and teachers about the order, manner and schedules under which non-presence and in-person training will take place, in compliance with all anti-epidemic measures, and in the absence of an interdict by the health authorities or any other competent authorities.     

3. The regular admission exams in Biology and Chemistry for the specialties “Medicine”, “Dental Medicine” and “Pharmacy” are to be held in person under the schedule announced in advance on the website of the University (Biology on 04.07.2020 and Chemistry on 12.07.2020), in strict compliance with all anti-epidemic measures, in accordance with the recommendations of the Minister of Health, the National Operational Headquarters and the competent authorities, for which the necessary organization is to be done.     

4. Acceptance of applicants’ documents shall continue from 01.06.2020 until 12.06.2020 (incl.) under the schedule of the separate educational units, and the additional acceptance of documents for the specialties “Medicine”, “Dental Medicine” and “Pharmacy” can be submitted – online via a special form available here:, or in-person at the following address: Sofia, 15 “Ivan Geshov” Blvd., Educational Department, Rectorate, 12th floor, room 16 .     

5. All other orders, introduced by orders of the Rector of MU-Sofia, remain in force until 15.06.2020, incl. or until the expiration of the additionally indicated terms in the orders or of the Decisions (Protocols 28 and 29) of extended Rectors and Deans Council and Academic Council (Protocol 43/28.05.2020) .     

6. If necessary, additional measures and decisions will be announced in due time in case of change of the situation and the recommendation of the competent authorities.     

I assign the control over the execution of the order to the Secretary General, the Vice-Rectors, the Deans, the Directors and the Heads of Educational Units.

This order is to be published on the official web-page of the university, and is to be brought to the attention of the persons responsible, members of faculties, staff, undergraduates, graduates, post-graduates and PhD students.

                                                                         PROF. VICTOR ZLATKOV, MD, PHD

                                                                                      /RECTOR OF MU-SOFIA/