Student Practices – Phase 2 Project Launches

All students who wish to participate in the Project must comply with the following requirements:

Student contracts will be accepted every working day from 1.30 pm to 3.30 pm in the Rector’s Office of MU-Sofia, Department of Education, 12th floor, room № 16. It is obligatory to sign the contracts by hand in 3 / three / copies. They must be submitted 10 / ten / working days before the start date of the internship. Contracts will be awarded subject to the following conditions:

The declared position for practical training should correspond to the specialty or professional field studied by the student;

A Program by the Mentor, prepared and implemented in the information system, coordinated with the Academic mentor before generating the contract between the student and the higher education institution. The schedule must comply with the requirements for a 5-day working week in which the working hours shall not exceed 40 hours, with a maximum of 8 hours per day;

Academic mentor selected and confirmed;

Approved Academic Mentoring Practice Program;

The bank account indicated by the student must be personal and in BGN currency.

Upon completion of the internship, it is mandatory for each of the parties: Student, Mentor, Leading Functional Expert to confirm the internship definitively, and then the student will generate a final report on his / her activity.

Employer and Mentor Contracts:

– The contracts of employers and mentors are submitted for signature to the Rector in 3 copies before the students’ contracts.

– The contracts of the Employers must be signed and stamped, and all the personal data must be signed and filled in correctly by the Mentors. Mentor contracts that do not appear in the List of mentors of the employer contract (last page of the same) are not accepted. Mentors are required to submit a copy of their higher education diploma and a document certifying at least three years of professional experience in the field of practice. The High School reserves the right to decide which of the proposed Employers and Mentors shall conclude a contract.

All academic advisors wishing to participate in the Student Practices project are required to submit signed contracts in triplicate and a job description to fulfill the assigned responsibilities.

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