Faculty of Public Health and Students’ Council management meet Rotterdam students

The Faculty of Public Health ‘Prof. Dr. Tsekomir Vodenicharov, MD’, hosted a meeting with a group of students from the Erasmus School of Public Health at Erasmus University in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, on Monday, March 14.

The official meeting was attended by Assoc. Prof. Alexandrina Vodenicharova, MD, Deputy Dean for Academic Affairs, Prof. Antonia Yanakieva, MD, Coordinator of the Erasmus + PHC, as well as Elena Tonkova, a student majoring in Public Health and Health Management. From Dutch side, 18 students majoring in Health Policy and Management took part. Topics related to the content of the Bulgarian and Dutch education programs in ‘Public Health’, as well as strategies and policies in the health systems of the two countries were discussed.

In addition, an informal meeting with the Dutch guests was organized by their colleagues from the Student’s Council at the MU-Sofia, who showed them around Sofia.