Students from the Faculty of Public Health at MU-Sofia become volunteers

In the current coronavirus pandemic situation, health care workers are mostly vulnerable. In order to help them, third- and fourth-year students from the Faculty of Public Health at Medical University – Sofia have expressed their willingness to volunteer at the three hospitals that have been transformed into centers for combating the virus. By this time, “13 students have already enrolled, and the enthusiasm of young people is growing”, announced Dean of faculty Prof. Magdalena Alexandrova.

“I admire this act of commitment and dedication to the profession and patients”, said Prof. Dr. Victor Zlatkov, MD, Rector of the Medical University – Sofia.

We are hereby reminding you about the decision of the Rector-Dean’s Council from the beginning of this week that the time all volunteers (students,
postgraduates and PhD students) spend in participating in the campaign for prevention and care of suspected patients or carriers of Covid-2019 will be recognized as educational workload.