The department of “Hygiene” celebrated its 100-year anniversary

Just days before Christmas the department of “Hygiene” at the medical Faculty of Medical University – Sofia celebrated its 100-year anniversary in the auditorium of the University Hospital “Mother’s house”, Sofia. It was established in 1919 by Prof. Dr. T. Petrov, one year after the opening of the medical faculty as one of the six departments headed by alternates professors. The department is a major creator and source of staff for all departments of hygiene and scientific institutes in the country. Official guests of the event were the deputy Minister of Health- Dr. Boyko Penkov, the rector of MU-Sofia Prof. Dr. Viktor Zlatkov, PhD, dean of MF to MU-Sofia – Cor.member Dr. Ivan Mitov, DSC, dean of FOZ- Prof. Magdalena Alexandrova, PhD, former rectors Prof. Dr. Vasil Vasilev and Akad. Dr. Vanyo Mitev, longtime head of the department Prof. Dr. Dimitar Tsvetkov, leaders of other departments in the country and MU-Sofia.

The head of the Department of Hygiene Professor Emil Vodenicharov made a short speech in which he introduced the audience to the history of the department, the scientific directions developed over the years, the achievements in the scientific and educational activity in the training of students and post-graduate students.

At the solemn celebration, congratulations were delivered by the official guests: Dr. Boyko Penkov, on behalf of the Minister of Health – Mr. Kiril Ananiyev, the Rector of the Ministry of Health, Sofia, the deans of the Ministry of Health, FF, PHF, the Dean of the PHF-Varna – Assoc. Dakova, on behalf of the Rector of MU-Pleven – Prof. Dr. Slavcho Tomov, Mr. Tsvetan Simeonov – President of the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and other guests. . . . .

Prof. Zlatkov congratulated the attendees and handed the Head of the Department Prof. Dr. Emil Vodenicharov the honorary badge of the Rector. In his speech, he stated: “The Department of Hygiene plays an important role in the training of medical personnel. The scientific and practical potential of the department is the basis for the development of different directions, especially in the field of prevention. The members of the Department teach with professionalism, dedication and striving for high goals in accordance with the latest scientific trends and in excellent cooperation with other departments in the country. “

Honorary plaques “100 years of the Department of Hygiene” were presented by Prof. Emil Vodenicharov to the officials, prominent representatives of the professional community, veterans.