Професор Танкова пред пълна зала със студенти и преподаватели

The Erasmus+ Info Day took place at MU-Sofia

With great interest, the Information Erasmus+ Day at the Medical University – Sofia was held, and the application campaign starts today, February 28, and continues until March 22nd.

Foreign and Bulgarian students from all faculties, as well as teachers and staff, gathered in Auditorium 1 of the Medical-Biological Complex to learn about the current application rules for training or internships under the Program.

The event was attended by the Assistant Rector of MU-Sofia, Prof. Krasimira Markova, the General Secretary Dr. Vidin Kirkov, the Dean of the Medical Faculty Prof. Dimitar Bulanov, the Director of DEOS Prof. Dobriana Sidzhimova, academic faculty coordinators of Erasmus+ and the entire Erasmus+ team of MU-Sofia.

The event was opened by Prof. Tsvetalina Tankova, Vice Rector of the university and head of the International Integration and Project Funding Dept. Prof. Tankova emphasized that the event has the strong support from the Rector of MU-Sofia, Prof. Boycho Landzhov, and reminded that one of the main priorities in his program is the work on the Erasmus+ Program and expanding the scope of its activities.

Prof. Tankova also presented the INGENIUM project, in which MU-Sofia is part of the “family” of European universities, also under the Erasmus+ Program.

Dean Bulanov spoke about globalization in education as a positive process contributing to both the quality of education and the integrity of nations in Europe. He shared, “The Erasmus Program is a unique achievement for the European Union countries. On the one hand, it allows us to experience the atmosphere, culture, and social relations in other countries and broaden our horizons. At the same time, it helps us participate in other European and non-European medical education systems.”

Prof. Tsvetalina Tankova read a congratulatory address from the Dean of the Faculty of Dental Medicine, Prof. Dr. Bozhidar Yordanov. A video greeting was received from the President of the Erasmus Student Network (ESN), Ms. Ana Rita Dias, who encouraged students to have the courage to become part of the student mobility program and share their personal experience with it.

Ms. Magdalena Kasnakova from the Erasmus+ team at the university introduced her colleagues and coordinators from the respective faculties.

The coordinators also welcomed and encouraged students to participate in the Program. By faculties, they are:


Assoc. Prof. Anna Valerieva, MD, Coordinator “Erasmus+ Incoming Students”

Dr. Genoveva Tacheva, MD, Coordinator “Erasmus+ Outgoing Bulgarian Students”

Assoc. Prof. Stefan Naydenov, MD, Coordinator “Erasmus+ Outgoing Foreign Students”

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Lyubomir Traykov, Coordinator “Erasmus+ Preclinical Students”


Prof. Dr. Todor Tsonkov Uzunov, PhD


Prof. Valentina Petkova-Dimitrova, DSc


Prof. Antoniya Yanakieva, MD

A 6th-year student in “Medicine” Issa El Kaouri was awarded a certificate and prize for “Most Traveled Student under the Erasmus+ Program.” He successfully completed 3 mobilities – for study, for traineeship, and BIP (Blended Intensive Program) in several different countries.

Erasmus coordinator for KA131 Mr. Simeon Manolov explained the new initiatives of the Program to the attendees, while Ms. Yanitsa Docheva informed the students about the document submission procedures. Coordinator for KA171 Mr. Marin Mladenov provided more information about mobility opportunities in non-EU countries.