The new academic year was opened in the completely renovated building of the “Prof. Ivan Mitev ” branch – Vratsa, of  the Medical University – Sofia.
The ceremony was attended by Rector of the University Prof. Dr. Victor Zlatkov, Deputy Rectors Prof. Dr. Radomir Ugrinov, Prof. Dr. Tihomira Zlatanova, Mayor of Vratsa Mr. Kalin Kamenov, Regional Governor Mrs. Malina Nikolova, the Chairman of the Municipal Council Mr. Rumen Antov, deputies, municipal councilors, representatives of the leaderships of the separate educational units of the Mu-Sofia, medical establishments from the region, teachers, students and citizens.

The material and technical base of the branch has been completely renovated with funds under OP “Regions in Growth” 2014-2020. The value of the investment of Medical University – Sofia is over BGN 6 million, of which nearly 3 million under OP Regions in Growth. Within the framework of the project, reconstruction and renovation of the existing buildings were constructed new offices, student training halls, a library with a reading room and a gym were created. Part of the investment is for the implementation of energy efficiency measures for the building, improvement of the yard, as well as for the construction of sports grounds and recreation areas.

“MU-Sofia trains its students in competitive conditions, where good teachers and learning conditions are a decisive factor for success. The renewed base in Vratsa, which, in combination with modern teaching methods, will contribute to the acquisition of modern knowledge, skills and competences of students, especially in their professional realization, “said Prof. Zlatkov, Rector of MU-Sofia.

With the construction of the new branch, MU-Sofia is contributing to changing the demographic policy in Northwestern Bulgaria. With this investment, we are clearly behind our branch, showing practically how education policy should be implemented by region, said the rector of the largest medical university in the country.

Students and teachers were also welcomed by Assoc. Prof. Pavlinka Dobrilova, Director of the branch “Prof. Dr. Ivan Mitev  “. “I wish you strength, perseverance and boldness in accomplishing your every task. Be worthy of the undoubtedly the most prestigious university in the country – Medical University – Sofia. Good luck in the new academic year 2018/2019! “- Assoc. Prof. Dobrilova said in his welcome.

“The road has been a long one, we had to prove that the project was of the utmost importance and must be approved for funding. Every success goes through difficulties and pitfalls, but we did not give up, you do not give up as you pursue your goals, “Kalin Kamenov told the students.

The program continued with a sanctification for health and well-being, served by Metropolitan Gregory of Vratza and diocese priests.

Part of the ceremony was the unveiling of a monument to the patron of the branch – Prof. Dr. Ivan Mitev in the courtyard of the school building.

During the new academic year, the branch will train 450 students, with more than 100 of them freshmen. There are five majors at the institution of higher education – Nursing, Midwifery, Medical Assistant, Occupational Therapy, and the Master’s Degree in Nutrition.

A year ago the building of the former Technical School for Chemistry in the city was provided free of charge to the branch of MU-Sofia in Vratsa.

In addition to the renovation of the building to improve the practical training of future health and social workers, new specialized equipment was purchased – defibrillators, intubation training models, models of surgical suture by hand, various skeleton models of the human body and other medical equipment. .

Renovation of the building of the branch “Prof. Ivan Mitev “is the largest investment in higher education in Vratsa in the last 30 years. This investment of the university will not be the last one for the region, because at the moment MU-Sofia is in the process of realisation of a new project – reconstruction and repair of the dormitory for the students from the branch – Vratsa in the amount of over BGN 1.8 million.