The Russian government announced a competition for a Leading Scientist

Samara State Medical University, Russia, is inviting you to participate in a government-funded Megagrant with Russia’s Ministry of Science and Education.

The maximum amount of the grant: 90 million rubles.

Implementation period: 2021-2023

Aim of the Megagrant: creation of an international research laboratory in the universities, with the participation of a team of 2 young scientists / candidate-scientists, 3 graduate/post-graduate students and 3 students, led by a selected leading scientist (LS). 

Samara University announces a competition for a leading scientist from MU-Sofia to lead the project and work in the laboratory, on the basis of which internships will be organized for the specialists of the team, training programs for students and graduates to be developed. The LS will have to propose a topic from the following research areas supported by the project: medical technologies, basic medicine, clinical medicine, health sciences, medical biotechnology, psychology. 

Result after completion of the project:
– Minimum 5 to 7 publications in the field of scientific research in scientific journals, indexed in the database of Web of Science Core Collection, incl. at least 2 or 3 articles in scientific journals included in the first or second quartile Q1 and Q2 by impact factor, or filing at least 2 or 3 patent applications for an invention, utility model or industrial design within 18 to 30 months after the beginning of scientific research.

Criteria for selection of candidates for LS:

1. To be employees of scientific and educational organizations located outside the Samara region.

2. A LS may not work simultaneously as a LS on another research project already supported by Megagrant, or lead a research program of the Foundation of Russian Scientists until 31.12.2020.

3. The international LS must be present full-time in the project laboratory for at least 90 calendar days each year during the implementation of the project, and the internship may be divided into two-week business trips, by mutual agreement of the universities.  

4. The research topics of LS and the planned laboratory projects must not repeat the research themes of LS and laboratory projects of the university, which are developed during the current year or conducted earlier at the expense of the budget of the Russian Federation or other sources of funding.

5. The H-index according to the Web of Science Core Collection database – must be at least 25.

6. Number of publications of the type “article” or “review” (for the period from 2015 to 2020) – at least 10 in scientific journals from the first quarter (Q1) of the Web of Science Core Collection database.

7. Leading scientists must have experience in research project management and teaching.

8. It is desirable that the LS has awards and achievements in the scientific fields of the project.

Preferred areas of work for high evaluation of the applications for the competition:

– translational medicine, (result – patents for inventions)

– personal approach to the treatment of diseases

– projects related to the aging population

– digital medicine, high-tech medicine

– pandemic, new infections, epidemiological prognosis

– rational use of drugs (antibiotics)

– Socially significant diseases:

ICD-10 disease code *Name of the disease
1.A 15 – A 19tuberculosis
2.A 50 – A 64Sexually transmitted infections
3.In 16 ; B 18.0 ; In 18.1hepatitis B
4.In 17.1 ; In 18.2hepatitis C
5.In 20 – In 24human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) disease
6.C 00 – C 97malignant neoplasms
7.E 10 – E 14diabetes
8.F 00 – F 99mental and behavioral disorders
9.I 10 – I 13.9diseases associated with high blood pressure

– dangerous diseases:

ICD-10 disease code *Name of the disease
1.In 20 – In 24human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) disease
3.In 65 – In 83Helminthiasis
4.In 16 ; B 18.0 ; In 18.1hepatitis B
5.In 17.1 ; In 18.2hepatitis C
6.A 36diphtheria
7.A 50 – A 64Sexually transmitted infections
10.In 85 – In 89pediculosis, acariasis and other invasions
13.A 15 – A 19tuberculosis
16.In 34.2coronavirus infection (2019-nCoV)

Program language:  Russian and English .

The winners of the competition will be determined by 15.12.2020.

Contact person: Monica Marinova, International Department, MU-Sofia, Rectorate

tel .: +359 2 9152138

Detailed information in connection with the competition documentation is available HERE