Two academics of Medical University – Sofia are in the World’s Top 2% Scientists

In the first days of the year we had a reason to be proud. Stanford University publishes a ranking of scientists with the greatest contribution to the development of modern science. Among the 48 Bulgarian names are two scientists from the Medical University of Sofia.

These are Prof. Irena Kostova, who currently ranks 130th out of 80,622 names in the field of Medical and Biomolecular Chemistry. Her first publication, considered by the ranking, is from 1997.

The other name is Prof. Irini Doichinova, head of the Department of Chemistry at the Faculty of Pharmacy of MU-Sofia. It ranks 794th in the same field of science, out of a total of 80,622 scientists in the ranking. The first publication with which the counting of her achievements began was in 1989.

According to the ranking of the prestigious university, based on citations in scientific journals and publications, our scientists are among the top 2% of the best in the world.

Prof. Irena Kostova graduated from Mendeleev University in Moscow with the highest grade. Appointed as a research scientist at the Research Center at the Ministry of Environment and Water, and since 1994 she has been teaching at the Medical University-Sofia. Graduated her second specialization “Theoretical bases of medical chemistry”. Her PhD and DSc Theses have been awarded by MU-Sofia.  Her research interests include the developmental work of coordination chemistry, theoretical chemistry, vibrational spectroscopy, pharmacological investigations on biologically active compounds etc. She has created and maintains collaborations with a number of international teams. Lecturer at renowned universities in India, Germany, Austria, Italy, Romania, Spain, Slovakia and others. He is a member of the organizing committees of over 20 international conferences. Editor of 6 prestigious scientific journals and member of the editorial boards in over 25 journals. He is the author of over 150 publications with impact factor, cited nearly 5,000 times, two textbooks and more teaching aids for students.

Prof. Irini Doichinova is a lecturer at the Faculty of Pharmacy of MU-Sofia. She is the head of the Lab of Drug Design and Bionformatics. From 2000 to 2006, she was a postdoctoral fellow and visiting scientist at the University of Oxford’s Jenner Institute. Prof. Doichinova’s team at MU-Sofia has developed six web-based applications for the identification of immunogenic and allergenic proteins. The applications are freely available on the web and widely used by scientists around the world. Prof. Doichinova has over 150 publications, cited over 4000 times. She is a co-author of 4 textbooks, revised and republished several times. She is the winner of the “Panacea” awards of MU-Sofia and received the “Pythagoras” Award of the Ministry of Education and Science .