Prof. Boycho Vasilev Landzhov, MD, PhD

Prof. Boycho Vasilev Landzhov, MD, PhD

Rector, Medical University – Sofia, Bulgaria

Professor of anatomy, histology and embryology

Specialty in Anatomy, Histology and Embryology, MU-Sofia

PhD, Specialised Scientific Council for surgery at the Higher Attestation Commission (VAK)

Specialty in Orthopedics and Traumatology, MU-Sofia

Foreign languages: English

Higher education:

Specialties acquired and scientific educational degrees:

1998 – Master’s degree in Medicine, MU-Sofia

Scientific-educational positions at the Anatomy, histology and embryology Dept. , Faculty of

Medicine, MU-Sofia

Assistant Professor – from 2001 until 2005

Senior Assistant Professor – from 2005 until 2008

Chief Assistant Professor – from 2008 until 2012

Associate Professor – from 2012 until 2016

Professor – from 2016

2005 – Specialty in Anatomy, histology and embryology, , MU-Sofia, Anatomy, histology

and embryology Dept.;

2009 – Educational and scientific degree PhD – MU-Sofia, Specialized Scientific Council in

surgery associated to Higher Attestation Commission, Orthopedic and traumatology Dept. at

“Prof. B. Boychev” – Gorna Banya – specialized hospital and Anatomy, histology and

embryology Dept.;

2011 – Specialty in Orthopedics and traumatology, MU-Sofia, Orthopedics and traumatology

Dept. “Prof. B. Boychev” – Gorna Banya – specialized hospital and “Pirogov” – emergency


Scientific – research work:

Teaching and learning activities:

1998 – Master’s degree in Medicine, MU-Sofia

176 publications / IF – 74 and referent magazines – 102/ more than 200 resume in domestic

and international magazines and scientific events / total IF from articles and resume: 143,42/,

19 scientific projects concerning Counsel of medical science I MU-Sofia and Ministry of

Education; co-author of 6 educational materials for pupils, students and specialists in

medicine and dental medicine; reviewer for several international magazines: “Journal of

Chemical Neuroanatomy” , “Letters in drug design & discovery”, “Cureus”, IJAV , etc. joint

scientific work with worldwide known researchers from USA and Europe as Prof. J. Stamm,

Assoc. Prof. F. Denaro and L. Edelstein, collaborator with the Nobel prize laureate Frances

Crick, Prof. R. Shane Tubbs – Director of the Scientific Foundation in Seattle, author of more

than 1000 reviewed publications, dozens of books and editor of Gray’s Anatomy and Netter’s

Atlas of Anatomy; Prof. L. Olewnik, Prof. R. LaPrade; development services with researchers

from different science medical spheres in Bulgaria: Orthopedics and traumatology,

Neurosurgery, Cardiology, Pharmacology, Pharmacy, Pathophysiology, Forensic medicine,

Imaging diagnostics, Dermatology, Physiotherapy, Kinesiotherapy, Immunological of

reproduction, Neurobiology, etc.

In charge of lectures, exercises and exams in anatomy, histology, cytology and embryology

/in Bulgarian and in English languages/ of students in I and II course in medicine, dental

medicine, pharmacy, second Master’s degree for Facial muscular surgery and specialization

of graduates; taking part in contests for assistants to the department; taking part in the State

examination commissions for specialty “Anatomy, histology and cytology”; course instructor

of the I course medical students /Bg/, supervisor of 2 students and scientific tutor of 3

successfully defended PhD themes graduates; he is a supervisor of young researchers in

medicine, winners of prestigious awards “Student of the Year in Bulgaria in healthcare”,

“Student of the year at MU-Sofia”, “Student of the year at FM”, scholarships of Eureka

foundation and the Bulgarian Medical Association from 2018-2023.

Membership in expert commissions

Chairman of the central commission of MU-Sofia; member of the Accreditation Commission

of MU-Sofia to the “Scientific research“ of the Ministry of education and science, member of

the Committee for supervision of the Operational Programs of the Ministry of education and

science; Attestation commission of MU-S0fia, member of the scientific jury for acquiring of

educational – scientific degree PhD; competitions for acquiring “Chief Assistant”, “Associate

Professor” and “Professor” , reviewer of Council of Medical Science at MU-Sofia.