Prof. Genka Petrova-Tashkova, DSc



Prof. Nikolay Dimitrov, MD, DSc. has graduated from the Medical University – Sofia in 1996, and then his interest led him to a two-year specialization in the United States. His professional path crosses some of the best hospitals in Bulgaria and abroad. He specializes in invasive cardiology in Switzerland. After he came back to Bulgaria, he started as an assistant at St. Catherine Hospital and reached the level of medical director. In different periods of his career he has managed the cardiology clinic at the Government Hospital and was the director of the National Cardiology Hospital. He is also National Consultant in Cardiology 2010-2012 and Doctor of Science.

Prof. Dimitrov has acquired specialties in internal medicine, cardiology and invasive cardiology. He obtained a patent in the field of invasive cardiology in collaboration with the Medical University of Cologne. He independently obtained a second and third patent in the same field. In 2000 he defended his first dissertation on stable angina, on the basis of which in 2002 he acquired the academic position of associate professor.