At the invitation of Prof. Peter Glybochko (Rector of the Moscow State Medical University (Sechenov University), Prof. Dr. Victor Zlatkov (Rector of the Medical University – Sofia) participated in the celebration of 260th anniversary from the founding of the first specialized medical university not only in Russia but also in Europe.

Established in 1758 by Decree of Empress Catherine, the Faculty of Medicine has changed and evolved over the years, so today the First MSMU “I.M. Sechenov “ can be proud of its achievements. These include the training of 17,000 students, of whom 2,500 are foreigners and 21,000 are specialists. The hosts indicated that 85% of the faculty staff has academic degrees and titles working in 7 faculties, 8 university hospitals, 10 research institutes, over 60 laboratories and departments located in 150 buildings, with an annual budget of $ 224 million. It is stated that the scientific production of the academic community exceeds 1500 articles and more than 100 monographs per year, as part of them are realized in cooperation with more than 80 universities from 30 countries.

The program of celebrations for the period 10-12.10.2018 included:

Scientific Conference “The Possibilities of International Best Practices for Better Medical Education”.

Meeting of the Rector and his team with the management of visiting foreign international delegations.

Participation in an official meeting of the Academic Scientific Council of the University with honorary and international guests.

Opening Ceremony of the First Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Prof. Dr. Sklifosovski.

Anniversary concert for participants in the celebrations at the Central State Concert Hall “Luzhniki”

These events were constructive in the corresponding academic tone, presenting the achievements of the oldest medical university in Russia. The reported results were properly evaluated by both the representatives of the government and the visiting delegations.

Other guests included representatives of the Medical University of Varna, the Belarusian Medical University (Minsk), the Tashkent Medical Academy (Uzbekistan), the State Medical University (Kyrgyzstan), the Avitsena State Medical University (Tajikistan), the University of Novi Sad (Serbia) ), University of Maribor (Slovenia), University of Zemelweiss (Hungary), Hanover Medical School (Germany), Harbin Medical University (China), Nigata University (Japan), University of Strasbourg (France) and others.

In accordance with the requirements of the protocol, individual meetings were held between the rector of the First MSMU “I.M. Sechenov ”with the heads of the respective delegations. In addition to exchanging ritual gifts, they discussed the present and the prospects for the future development of relations between the various scientific and educational organizations. In addition, informal contacts were made between the different delegations, identifying ideas for deepening contacts at the institutional level.