At a solemn ceremony broadcast live on the Internet from the Anatomical Hall of the Medical Faculty at MU-Sofia, 477 young doctors took the Hippocratic Oath. 262 of them are Bulgarians and 215 are foreigners. The Covid-19 pandemic and the implemented security measures thereof forced Alumni 2020 take the oath online.
Only the full excellent students who received the Golden Hippocrates Award were present in the hall. Alumni 2020 marked a total record of 9 excelled students. The rest of their colleagues joined the event from their homes and were seen on a special video wall in the hall.
The Rector of MU-Sofia, Acad. Latchezar Traykov, MD, DSC personally congratulated the graduates who have completed the “difficult and responsible task” to complete their medical education, with the additional challenge of volunteer work during the pandemic.
“In the past year, our lives have been marked by another challenge – the Covid-19 pandemic, which has put all of us – doctors, professionals, teachers, students – to the test, for which we did not seem to be fully prepared. Do we manage to adapt and live up to society’s expectations of us?
My definite answer is “Yes”. We prove it by the fact that our university is among the leaders in the country in terms of the number of scientific publications, in awarded and implemented research projects in partnership with the world’s most authoritative academic hubs, in contributing to the development of innovative educational programs for high professional qualification in all areas of medicine. Here among us are winners of prestigious awards and distinctions, participants in international scientific networks, current researchers and future discoverers.
Your perseverance, will and constant efforts stand behind all these successes and you have proved that you have these virtues.
You have also proved one more thing – that you can rise above vanity and topicality, above pettiness and hypocrisy and, when necessary, render duty and the desire to help above all. Your voluntary work during the pandemic is indicative of this”, said the Rector in his speech.
Prof. Dr. Dimitar Bulanov, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, also greeted the graduates before reading them the Hippocratic Oath:
“We are proud that the graduates of the Faculty of Medicine – doctors and students, stand up with dignity in the fight against the disease, risk their lives and devote themselves to patients. We are proud that no matter how complex, difficult and unusual the training appears to be today, you have not lost faith in the values of medical education and have made the necessary efforts to master your knowledge. ”
Prof. Bulanov also stressed: “Today the world is open and accessible to you. You have the wonderful opportunity to travel, specialize, study and work in many European and other countries. I am convinced that you will succeed. But wherever you go – do not forget that our country and our people need you and your knowledge and skills. “
The Dean thanked the teachers for dedicatedly passing on their knowledge and experience to the young doctors and preparing them for the challenges of the profession. He also addressed all the relatives of the graduates, emphasizing how important their support was during the years of study of the young specialists.
Fully excelled  Dr. Maria Dinkova expressed gratitude on behalf of the entire Alumni 2020 to the teachers and the management of the university and the faculty. “I thank the management of the university, which, despite the current circumstances, managed to allow us in this resourceful and modern way to solemnly celebrate our graduation while not risking the health and well-being of our loved ones. She quoted Nikolai Haitov, who says “It’s one thing to wish, but another to be able to, and totally different to do it.” You, dear colleagues, first wanted, then you showed you could and finally you did it – we became doctors. All we have to do is be! ”

You can watch the videos from the graduation in groups from the respective day until Friday after 6 pm HERE