Month: March 2020

Extension of the deadlines under the SRF -Bulgaria-Russia program

The Science Research Fund ( SRF) received information from the Russian Federation that the Russian side had decided to extend the deadline for submission of project proposals for the bilateral cooperation competition Bulgaria-Russia until May 14, 2020. To synchronize the deadlines for submission of project proposals to the two funding organizations in Bulgaria and Russia, […]

Dian Ganev, Volunteer at the Military Medical Academy: If I am called, I will also be a volunteer in the hot zones

An interview of our student – volunteer given to “24 hours” newspaper I was impressed by a medical graduate who helps as a nurse. “The pandemic has taught me to believe, not to underestimate”. – Dian, since when have you volunteered at the Military Medical Academy? – A week. “How did you know they were […]


On March 25th, 2020 one of the most prominent Bulgarian pediatric doctors died, having left his outstanding contribution to the development of pediatrics and pediatric onco-hematology in Bulgaria, a distinguished scientist and university lecturer from the Department of Pediatrics -Prof. Dr. Dragan Bobev, MD For over 15 years Prof. Bobev has been developing and managing […]

MU-Sofia officially certified at the highest position of Bulgarian universities in the Universities Ranking by Academic Performance

Medical University – Sofia has received the official certificate confirming its top position in the annual world ranking of the Universities Ranking by Academic Performance (URAP). We hereby remind you that in 2019-2020 the latest data from URAP showed that MU-Sofia was ranked first, out of all universities in Bulgaria and 1174 in the world […]

Research fellowships in Japan

The Matsumae International Foundation announced its research fellowships program at host institutions in Japan in 2021 and invited representatives of the Bulgarian scientific community to submit applications. It is stated that priority will be given to researchers in the natural sciences, engineering sciences or medicine The requirements for applicants are as follows: Receive a letter […]

Students from the Faculty of Public Health at MU-Sofia become volunteers

In the current coronavirus pandemic situation, health care workers are mostly vulnerable. In order to help them, third- and fourth-year students from the Faculty of Public Health at Medical University – Sofia have expressed their willingness to volunteer at the three hospitals that have been transformed into centers for combating the virus. By this time, […]

Opportunities for access to the Central Medical Library funds of MU-Sofia and foreign databases

In connection with the imposed remote mode of work and training of students and post graduates of the Medical University – Sofia (in accordance with order RK-36-437 / 16.03-2020 on the rector), the Central Medical Library offers the following opportunities for access to its funds and foreign data bases: – The most requested textbooks (about […]


In connection with the forthcoming student campaign for 2020/2021, and after an extraordinary meeting of the Extended Rector-Dean’s Council of 17.03.2020, the following decisions were taken:             1. The preliminary candidate-student campaign in MU-Sofia is canceled.             2. For the specialties Medicine, Dental Medicine and Pharmacy the regular candidate exams in Biology and Chemistry will be held […]