Month: March 2020

New regulations related to COVID-19 to the residents of the student dormitories of MU-Sofia


Regulative instructions to the students who reside in the dormitories of MU-SOFIA were issued today by the Rector Professor Victor Zlatkov. The document reminds that until 29/03/2020, and possibly further to 13/04/2020 students will conduct distant training, which is currently introduced in stages. In this regard, all should observe mandatory rules for the occupancy of […]

Volunteer work done by undergraduates and specialization students will be recognized as training activity

The Rector’s Council of the Medical University – Sofia has decided today that all volunteers activities of students, postgraduates and PhD students who are participating in the campaign for the prevention and care of patients suspected to be infected or carry the Covid-19 virus, shall be recognized as training activities. Dozens of volunteers have responded […]

Attendance for training at MU-Sofia terminated

Attendance courses at Medical University-Sofia have been suspended, in accordance with the order RD-01-124 / 13.03.2020 by the Minister of Health. According to the decisions of the faculties of the respective faculties, different forms of distance learning will be introduced in stages from 16th to 29th March 2020. More steps and solutions for the organization […]

Student Practices – Phase 2 Project Launches

All students who wish to participate in the Project must comply with the following requirements: Student contracts will be accepted every working day from 1.30 pm to 3.30 pm in the Rector’s Office of MU-Sofia, Department of Education, 12th floor, room № 16. It is obligatory to sign the contracts by hand in 3 / […]

Order by the Rector of the Medical University – Sofia concerning the changed epidemiological situation

I n connection with the changed epidemiological situation in the country, the Rector of the Medical University – Sofia issued today an order related to banning academic trips of the lecturers, administration and students in China, Italy, South Korea and Iran. The issuance of new travel orders for international and national academic trips is suspended, […]

Classes at MU-Sofia are closed until March 15th inclusive

The Rector of the Medical University – Sofia ordered the suspension of classes in relation to the currently registered new progressive epidemic period of flu and acute respiratory diseases within the country in terms of epidemic spread of COVID-19 and upon the recommendations of the national operational headquarters. The order specifies that classes of all […]

Guide to the Innovative Medicine Initiative

The Innovative Medicine Initiative (IMI) Guide on Partnership between the European Union, represented by the European Commission and the European Pharmaceutical Industry, represented by EFPIA- the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations, is published on the NAUKAMON.EU website at the Ministry of Education and Science. The goal of IMI is to improve the process […]

Call for Erasmus + program applications of medical students for the academic year 2020-2021


MU-Sofia announces a call for applications of medical students to participate in the Erasmus + program for the academic year 2020/2021. The documents have to be submitted to the Rectorate of the Medical University-Sofia, fl.12, room 3 till March 20, 2020. Contact: tel. +359 2 9152138. The required application documents are: Cover letter in English. […]