Month: April 2020

By order of the Minister of Health, May examination session for the acquisition of a specialty is postponed

Today, the Health Minister Kiril Ananiev issued an order (№РД-01-189/09.04.2020г.) on the grounds of Art. 63, para. 1 and Art. 179, para. 1 of the Health Act in connection with the announced state of emergency by Decision of 13.03.2020 of the National Assembly of the Republic of Bulgaria and the implementation of anti-epidemic measures throughout […]

Letter from the Chinese Ambassador to Bulgaria to the Rector of MU-Sofia

The Rector of the Medical University-Sofia Prof. Dr. Victor Zlatkov received a letter from the Ambassador of the PRC to Bulgaria HE. Mr. Dong Xiaojun, who expressed thanks for the care and attention to Chinese students studying at the MU-Sofia during the epidemic caused by COVID-19. “The education of international students is an important way to […]

April 7th – World Health Day and Patronal holiday of MU-Sofia

Dear colleagues, Traditionally, on April 7th – World Health Day, the academic community of Medical University – Sofia celebrates its patronal holiday to note the scientific success in research and teaching. In the current global crisis, the world and each one of us are individually confronted with challenges of a new dimension. Today is not […]


The National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) is hosting the TUFH 2020 Conference, which is planned to be held in Mexico City on September 22-25, 2020, in the framework of the Student Network Organisation (SNO) Exchange Program which consist of a digital collaboration between 40 international and intersectoral students in the next 6 months and […]

April 6th and 7th declared as day-offs for faculty and staff members of MU-Sofia

By order of the Rector of Medical University-Sofia, April 6th and 7th (Monday and Tuesday) 2020, were declared as day-offs for all professors and employees of Medical University – Sofia on the occasion of celebrating the International Day of Health and the Patronage holiday of Medical University – Sofia. The order is based on Art. […]

Call for student and academic exchange from the University to British Columbia – UBC

The University of British Columbia (UBC) opens calls for: – Visiting and foreign students working in the field of scientific research activities. Applicants must choose a faculty from the University in British Columbia, under the supervision of which they would like to work. The duration of the visit lasts from 1 to 12 months. Applicants […]

Sample layouts of the new building of MU-Sofia were exposed to the public in the Rectorate

Sample layouts of the first three qualified projects on the new building of Medical University – Sofia were exposed to the public in the Rectorate. The architectural layout is an extremely useful tool in the project phase allowing extensive capabilities to provide visualizing and specification of the intended building or area in their future natural […]