Under the ERASMUS + CREDIT MOBILITY PROJECT – 2018/2020, KA 107, four lecturers from the Jordan University of Science and Technology(JUST), Irbid, Jordan, a project partner, visited in the period june – july 2019 the Medical University of Sofia for the purpose of teaching.

Staff Mobility for teaching started with a lecture by assistant prof. Mahmoud Alfaqih, lecturer in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology in front of students and academic staff of the Faculty of Public Health and the Faculty of Medicine. The topic was “Role of diet and lifestyle factors in the progression and treatment of cancer” .

Within the framework of the project exchange, at the end of june professor Nabil Bashir from the Department of Physiology and Biochemistry at JUST, a leading specialist in Lung cancer research in Jordan, presented lecture to students and academic staff from the Department of Biochemistry at the Faculty of Medicine – Medical University – Sofia. The topic of the lecture was “The Association of Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor gene SNPS with lung cancer”.

A scientific discussion was organized with academic members of the department and students. Valuable theoretical and practical experience was exchanged.

Prof. Bashir and his colleague assistant prof. Alfaqih reviewed the work environment and the achievements of the laboratories of the Molecular Medicine Center and Faculty of Medicine.

In the beginning of July, a teaching visit to MU-Sofia realized assistant prof.  Osama Alshogran and assistant prof. Rami Al-Fodeh. They presented their research respectively in the fields of Clinical Pharmacy and Dental Medicine.

Dr. Alshogran demonstrated to 2th year students of the Faculty of Pharmacy Problem – Based Learning  (PBL) sistem (learn about a subject through the experience of solving an open-ended problem) and introduced the audience with the main directions of Pharmacy education at the Jordan University of Science and Technology. The foundations of productive future cooperation have been laid.

The lecture course of Dr. Rami Al-Fodeh at the Faculty of Dental Medicine – Medical University – Sofia was directed in the field of Prosthetic Dentistry – research, diagnostics, planning of treatment.