The honorary title “Doctor Honoris Causa” of the Medical University of Sofia was awarded today to the prominent German scientist-discoverer, Prof. Dr. Hans Henkes at a special ceremony. The awards were presented by the Rector, Acad. L. Traykov, MD, DSc, the Vice-Rector for Science and Accreditation, Prof. V. Petkova, and the Head of the nominating department, Prof. Dora Zlatareva.

Prof. Henkes’s contribution to the development of medical science is exceptional and he illustrated that with his presentation ‘First In Man’. The professor told revealed from his point of view the stories about developing his key patented devices, the clinical cases and what the challenges were. Among them were the mechanical thromboectomy that Prof. Henkes made first, the  Drug-Eluting Balloon Stent, one of the world’s most used devices for mechanical blood clots extraction in brain vessels – Solitaire Device, also pCONUS and HPC (Antithrombotic Coating).

Prof. Henkes thanked for his award and turned with a presentation to the young colleagues and their motives to devote themselves to medical science. His message was that “medicine became too complicated for individual heroes. It’s  already teamwork. “

The ceremony was attended by colleagues from the Department of Diagnostic Imaging at the Faculty of Medicine, including the previous Head of the Department, Prof. Dr. Vassil Hadjdekov, who official nominated Prof. Henke, and Assoc. Prof. Stanimir Sirakov, who conducted joint operations with Prof. Henkes, at the UMHAT “St. Ivan Rilski “.

The decision to award the Honorary Title “Doctor Honoris Causa” to Prof. Dr. Hans Henkes was taken by the Academic Council of MU-Sofia as early as October 2020. The official service ceremony was postponed long due to the epidemiological situation and the impossibility of Professor Henkes  to travel to Bulgaria.

More about the reasons for awarding the title see here: