The 100th Anniversary celebrates the Department of Forensic Medicine and Deontology of MU-Sofia

The rector of MU-Sofia, Prof. Dr. Viktor Zlatkov, and the Honorary Rector, Academician Prof. Vladimir Ovcharov, the vice rector Prof. Radomir Ugrinov, the Vice-deans of the Faculty of Medicine Prof. Dr. Sylvie Georgiev and Prof. Dimitar Bulanov, the Executive Director of Alexandrovska Hospital Assoc. Prof. Kostadin Angelov, the Chief of the Direction of Internal Affairs Georgi Hadzhiev, the President of Sofia Court Alexander Angelov and many medicals from Sofia and the country marked the anniversary. Congratulations on the anniversary were sent by President Rumen Radev, Attorney General Sotir Tsatsarov and others.

The Department of Forensic Medicine is one of the first established at the Medical University, and its first head, Prof. Dr. Atanas Teodorov-Balan, is one of the zealous figures for the establishment of the Faculty of Medicine in 1917, participating in all stages of preparation and realization on this idea.