Prof. Cvetalina Tankova, MD, DSc

Prof. Tsvetalina Tankova, MD, DSc

Head of the Department of Endocrinology, Faculty of Medicine, Medical University-Sofia

Head of the Clinic of Diabetology, USBALE "Acad. Ivan Penchev ”, Sofia


  • 1984 – Higher Education “Medicine” – MA, HMI – Sofia, with full honors and Hippocratic Medal
  • 1990 – Educational and scientific degree “Doctor of Medicine”
  • 1992 – Specialty in internal medicine
  • 1993 – Specialty in endocrinology and metabolic diseases
  • 2005 – Associate Professor of Endocrinology
  • 2012 – Professor of Endocrinology
  • 2011 – Master of Public Health and Health Management
  • 2012 – Scientific degree “Doctor of Medical Sciences”
  • since 2005 – Head of the Clinic of Diabetology, USBALE “Acad. Ivan Penchev ” 
  • since 2016 – Head of the Department of Endocrinology, Ministry of Finance, Medical University of Sofia 
  • since 2016 – Deputy Dean for Research, Faculty of Medicine, MU-Sofia


  • WHO Center for Diabetes, University Hospital Geneva, Switzerland; Cochin Hospital, Paris, France; Kings College London; Oxford, Cambridge, UK; Steno Diabetes Center, Copenhagen, Denmark.


  • 207 publications – 93 in international publications and 114 in national publications
  • 66 publications in journals with impact factor 
  • Total impact factor of publications IF 185.615
  • 3905 citations of scientific papers in foreign databases (SCOPUS, Web of Science)
  • h-index 25
  • 413 participations in scientific events (209 international and 204 national). 
  • Participation / management of 8 international and 18 national (MES, MU-Sofia) research projects in the field of diabetes mellitus


  • Lectures by medical students, trainee doctors, specialists in endocrinology
  • Participation in courses for SDO in diabetes mellitus; leader of 5 courses for SDO, MU, Sofia 
  • Independent author of the textbook “Diabetes mellitus”, Paradigm, 2013; 
  • Author in “Clinic and Therapy of Internal Medicine”, Ed. D. Dimitrakov, Plovdiv, 2006
  • Author in “Medical Oncology”, Volume 1, 347-361, Ed. K. Timcheva, Sofia, 2018, Paradigm. 
  • Chairman of the examination commission for the specialty of endocrinology
  • Invited lecturer for postgraduate courses of the European Association for the Study of Diabetes (EASD) in Russia, Croatia, Hungary, Serbia, Romania, Slovenia, Azerbaijan, Macedonia, Czech Republic, Egypt
  • Supervisor of 7 PhD students (3 successfully defended)


  • 2015 – award “Prof. Dr. Konstantin Chilov ”for significant contributions in the research and teaching activities of the Ministry of Finance, Medical University, Sofia
  • 2017 – Award “Favorite Lecturer in the field of medical and clinical sciences” of the Medical University – Sofia
  • 2017 – AWARD for International Collaboration, The Croatian Association for Diabetes and Metabolic Disorders of the Croatian Medical Association
  • 2018 – Award in the name of “Prof. Dr. Konstantin Chilov “for Medicine on behalf of the Minister of Health, President of BAS, National Alliance” Life for Bulgaria “
  • 2020 – Pythagoras Prize of the Ministry of Education and Science for an established scientist in the category “Health and Medical Sciences” 


  • Member of international organizations – European Association for the Study of Diabetes (EASD); European Group on Insulin Resistance (EGIR) to EASD; European Diabetes Training Group (DESG) at EASD – Member of the General Committee; General Committee of the International Diabetes Federation; European Society of Endocrinology (ESE); Diabetic Foot (D-FOOT) International – Member of the European Council; Central and Eastern European Diabetes Expert Group (CEEDEG)
  • Secretary of the Bulgarian Society of Endocrinology since 2003.
  • Member of the Council of Medical Science (SMC), MU, Sofia – 2008-2016
  • Member of the editorial boards of scientific journals; Editor-in-Chief of the journal Science Endocrinology
  • Reviewer in leading international journals
  • Reviewer of the European Commission, Brussels 
  • Chairman of the local organizing committee of courses for SDO of the European Association for the Study of Diabetes (EASD) – 03.2015, 04.2017, 03.2019, Sofia. 
  • Chairman of the local organizing committee of the course for SDO “Step by step in diabetic foot” of the International Group for the Study of Diabetic Foot and the International Diabetes Federation, 04.2016, Sofia. 
  • Member of the Program Organizing Committee – European Congress of Endocrinology, Munich, 2016.
  • Member of the Organizing Committee of the Congress “Advances on Diabetes and Insulin Therapy” – 2013 – 2016 
  • Member of the Expert Council on Endocrinology at the Ministry of Health
  • Member of the Expert Board of BMA in Endocrinology 
  • External expert of the National Health Insurance Fund and the National Health Insurance Fund