момент от конференцията в Гранд хотел София

The National Research Center for Biomedical and Applied Research unites all medical universities for the development of genomic medicine in Bulgaria

The National Research Center for Biomedical and Applied Research (NUKBPI) presented the work of its various units at the information forum “Scientific infrastructures in the biomedical field – an engine for the development of genomic and personalized medicine in Bulgaria”. Prof. Radka Kaneva, Head of the Center for Molecular Medicine and national coordinator of BBMRI.bg, moderated the event.

The Rector of Medical University – Sofia Academic Lachezar Traikov opened the conference with the words: “The achievements of the research center are well recognized not only in Bulgaria, but also among our international colleagues. Therefore, what has been achieved by the center will be upgraded within the framework of the project to create a Research University, through the construction of a data center that will enable their storage and further analysis. Thus, Medical University – Sofia will be able to develop in the same direction as the leading medical institutions and generate digital solutions in healthcare. I am happy that after our joint activity in the center with Medical University – Plovdiv, this year for the first time all medical universities in Bulgaria will join the work of the national network for biobanking, with the aim of expanding the initiative “The Genome of Bulgaria” and accordingly ” The Genome of Europe’.

The chairman of the General Assembly of the MU – Sofia Academic Vanyo Mitev, who is also the coordinator of the NUKBPI-BBMRI.bg project, the rector of the MU – Plovdiv Prof. Dr. Mariana Murdjeva and Milena Damyanova, director of the Directorate ” Science” at the Ministry of Education and Science. The program of the forum included a workshop on building a national network of research medical universities. It was about the opportunities for synergy, innovation and the inclusion of Bulgaria in the European Scientific Space in the field of “Health” and “Digital Europe”. The participants presented strategies and priority scientific directions, and participated in a discussion about the possibilities of expanding the national biobanking network BBMRI.bg and the “Genome of Bulgaria” project.

National University Complex for Biomedical and Applied Research includes structural units – Center for Molecular Medicine (CMM), MU-Sofia, Center for Molecular Biology and Immunology, MU-Plovdiv, departments and laboratories in the two leading medical universities, and has been conducting research since 2010 d. The scientific research carried out at NUKBPI is of great social importance for the health of the Bulgarian nation. The timely entry of scientific achievements into the health care system and the introduction of the principles of precision medicine will guarantee the right of access to them for all those in need and will lead to a more optimal distribution of costs in health care. Our national collections will form the “Genome of Europe”, and such a reference database for research and innovation in health care will help prevent and treat many diseases such as cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases.