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Alliance4Life member universities are committed to bridge the innovation gap in CEE region

In March 2024 representatives of 12 Alliance4Life member institutions, including Medical University-Sofia, gathered in Brno to kick-off the new EU funded project A4L_BRIDGE. The 4-year project will be focused on modernisation of careers in research, collaborations among partners and engagement with the industry, policy makers and patient organisations. The action is supported by 4 722 […]

MU-Sofia took part in the Seed Fund Alliance4Life_ACTIONS hybrid meeting

4 жени ръководители на проекта Alliance4Life_ACTIONS

The Medical University of Łódź (Poland) in partnership with the Medical University of Sofia (Bulgaria) and the University of Tartu (Estonia), is implementing a project within the Seed Fund Alliance4Life_ACTIONS initiative , the activities of which include development of the manual concerning the relationship between environmental pollution and the incidence of disease on a regional […]

MU-Sofia hosts a meeting of 12 research universities from 11 countries

12-16 септември 2022

Representatives of 12 leading Universities and Institutes from 11 countries are meeting in Sofia to discuss ways to improve their research activities. The international meeting is part of the “Alliance for Life Sciences: From Strategies to Actions in Central and Eastern Europe” project, under the “Horizon Europe” Program, and Medical University – Sofia has been […]

Invitation to young scientists and doctoral students to participate in the online International Scientific Conference – Riga, 20-21.01.2022

The 12 European universities from the Alliance4Life consortium invite you to a scientific conference aimed at young scientists and doctoral students, which will take place on January 20-21, 2022. The virtual meeting in Riga will connect PhD students and post-doctoral fellows from leading research institutions in 11 European countries in interactive sessions, and innovation companies […]

Academic Traikov opened the meeting of the 12 European universities under the “Alliance4Life” project

акад.Трайков открива срещата на 11 изследователски института от 12 държави в София

Medical University – Sofia is hosting an international meeting with representatives of 12 leading universities and institutes from 11 countries, from Central and Eastern Europe, where ways to improve research activity will be discussed. The meeting is part of the “Alliance for Life Sciences: From Strategies to Actions in Central and Eastern Europe” project, under […]

Position paper on the impact of the energy crisis on medical research

снимка далекопроводи

Alliance4Life has issued a joint statement on the impact of the energy crisis on research institutions and the implications of rising operational costs for the sustainability of life sciences research. The energy crisis poses a significant risk of disruption to ongoing research and harms the efforts and funds spent on it. We strongly urge national […]

Alliance4Life Green Second Trigger Event was held at MU-Sofia

Presentation Aliance4live

In the period 20-22.04.2023, the Alliance4Life Green Second Trigger Event Sofia was held at the Medical University – Sofia, part of the Event Calendar of the local trigger events within the framework of WP5 “Trigger Events” to the project A4L_ACTIONS (#964997) “ALLIANCE FOR LIFE SCIENCES: FROM STRATEGIES TO ACTIONS IN CENTRAL AND EASTERN EUROPE”, H2020-SC1-2020-SINGLE-STAGE-RTD, […]